Monday, May 2, 2011

Nuggets of wisdom from my snarky (read, awesome) grandpa

About three months ago my sister sent a letter to my paternal grandparents in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania asking them if they wouldn't mind just sharing about their life and their experiences and anything else interesting. Since then we've gotten several letters with stories or old newspaper clippings, but the one we got yesterday was pure gold. There was a long hand-written note from my Mum-mum and tucked away inside it, my Papa had scrawled out a shorter one. Here's your nugget of wisdom for the week:

When I was about 10 or 12, I saved a lot of coupons to redeem a football. I got it on a Friday night and couldn't wait till Saturday to take it out and play. On Saturday while we were playing with it some kids came by* and asked to see the ball. And the jerk that I am , I tossed it to them and they took off with it and that is the last I saw of it. The moral of this story is "Don't be such a jerk!!!!"

*My Aunt Lisa informs us that Papa forgot to mention the kids were on roller skates, which makes the scenario even more hilarious/sad
**The above picture is of Papa wearing the Jackass shirt we gave him as a Christmas present that came with our Jackass the Movie DVD...yes, we own that movie

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