Thursday, May 19, 2011

Letters to God from a ridiculous 4th grader : Entry 2

Today's entry is from June 29, 1997. I've changed the names of the people mentioned to protect their identity....I'm friends with them on facebook. In this entry I discuss, with much wisdom and insight, the parenting styles of two of my friends' parents.

June 29, 1997
Dear God,
Today I got back from South Padre Island with my friend Sally. Tammy (Sally's mom) thinks that Jessica's mom, Liz (Jessica was another friend of mine) doesn't like her. Liz thinks that since Sally's dad got divorced twice that Sally and Tammy are both bad (confused with all the names yet?).  I don't think that Tammy is bad, I just think that she's more free about letting Sally do things. Which brings me to another thing: Jessica's mom doesn't think that Jessica knows what gay and sex means (I still don't know what those mean). I think that Liz is not willing to accept that Jessica is growing up. Please God, show Liz that Tammy isn't bad, just that she parents different (how very diplomatic of me).
Love, Charissa 


  1. Did you use the word "diplomatic" in 5th grade? P.S. I'm onto you and know you were in 5th grade for 1997.

  2. That was diplomatic, Kissa... Did He answer your prayer??