Thursday, May 26, 2011

Letters to God from a ridiculous *5th grader: Entry 3

In reviewing this entry I'm pretty positive that almost every sentence is either grossly over-exagerrated or a flat out lie. Also, a little background info: We never had caller ID growing up. My dad insisted on screening all our calls through the answering machine, so he would sometimes get frustrated if we answered without screening first. This little tidbit will make the entry much easier for you to understand. Enjoy!

June 30, 1997

Dear God,
I just went through a terrible experience, a really bad day. First of all, this morning I picked up the phone. It was Aunt Cynthia. She was calling long distance and I didn't want her to have to call back. Dad got mad cause' I picked it up. He started yelling (I don't doubt he actually yelled) and cussing (probably didn't cuss though). He grabbed my arm and threw me into my room (nope). My leg was still hurting so it hurt worse when he did that. Now I just broke my brand new watch and Steph ruined my surprise for Daddy (Stephanie was always ruining everything). Dear Jesus, please help me to have a better day tomorrow, and help my watch to work.


*My friend Allison called out my bad math and informed me that I would have been a 5th grader in 1997. She would know, she went to my school.

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