Thursday, May 12, 2011

Letters to God from a ridiculous 4th grader: Entry 1

I have a keepsake box in my closet that is packed full of pictures, my childhood blankies, my letter jacket, all the notes I ever wrote in high school, and almost every journal I've ever kept. Periodically I'll read through the old journals and notes and recently I had the brilliant idea to post some of the classic entries from my adolescence. Please tell me you were as ridiculous as I was in 4th grade.

Here's an entry from June 1, 1997:

Dear God,
I know this is the first time I've really written to you. I'm supposed to be all happy and gayla (apparently gayla was an acceptable/real word in my vocabulary) but no, Stephanie just HAS to ruin what was going to be a perfect night (I was beyond mean to my sister in all these old journals).

Life is going well in the boy world. After the recent F-5 tornado I've recovered emotionally (I wasn't even in Austin when this happened) and I think Matt has too (my 4th grade boyfriend), considering he got hit in the head with a chunk o' metal and had to get stitches (nope. This did not happen). Matt is the sweetest guy I know besides You and Jesus.

Well, gotta go!

Clearly I felt the need to lie to make my story more awesome, even to myself.

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