Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blah, blah, blah

I haven't much felt like posting lately. Some days I just have nothing worth saying...or more accurately, nothing worth overcoming my laziness to write. I've sat here for about ten minutes now trying to figure out a way to merge all the things in my head into one cohesive idea, but it's not happening so I think I'll just do a round-up of what's been on my mind.

1. If I published some of my personal, recent journal entries on here, there's a good chance most of you would question my walk with the Lord. I wonder if the people who were around when King David was penning out his frustrations with God thought he was sacrilegious or crazy. Did people start praying for him to "come back into the fold"?

2. Sometimes I get really caught up with myself. Without even realizing it, all of my thoughts, actions, motives turn to me, me, me. How does this affect me? How will this benefit me? Why doesn't anyone notice me? And then, out of nowhere something jolts me from my bubble and I remember how small and insignificant I am. Does this ever happen to you? What is it that brings you back to reality? For me, looking at the sky always works. Seeing how big it is reminds me of the world I'm a part of. It reminds me I serve a really big, really loving, really epic, really hard to understand God. Listening to Sigur Ros song always does the trick too. This one came on in my car on the way to work, while I was busy whining to myself about my life:

3. I wanna start a little mini series on here where I ask various different people the same vague-ish question (Why do you believe in God?) and let them answer however they want to answer. If you're interested in participating shoot me an email or leave a comment. I'll probably post one a week.

4. I have some really exciting possible future plans (so what else is new?) that I'm dying to tell people about but won't because I'm perpetually the "girl who cried wolf". Once I've sat on the idea a little longer I'll dish about it on here, but in the meantime just know that it's really expensive. For the next year I'll be on a strict budget, so don't ask me to go out to eat with you- I have no self control.

5. Before we had computers how on earth did we keep track of everyone's license plate numbers? How did we make sure there weren't repeats? Was there one big book somewhere that everyone had to consult?


  1. well, every state has it's own license plate system, and there were fewer cars, so maybe there was just one place in each state that made the license plates so they weren't repeated.

  2. Hey, wanna go out to eat?

  3. who are you? OF COURSE I'll go out to eat with an anonymous stranger! :)

  4. King David's wife thought he was crazy even when he was joyful. To be fair, he cut off lots of foreskins, so he kind of was crazy.

    But, I feel you.

  5. I wish there was a "like" button for comments on blogger, Joey. LIKE

  6. To quote PaPa..."I guess the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree." I feel you too.