Monday, April 18, 2011

The Bible is Dead; Long Live the Bible

I've been thinking all morning about what I wanted to write about today. I suppose I could use the weekends to plan ahead for stuff like this but who wants to do that when there are springs to swim in? So instead I'm going to link to a brilliant article I just read by Timothy Beal about the Bible and the way we view it and use it.

This is something I've been pondering on for about the last year. How do we make sense of a book that seems to shift ground as soon as we think we're starting to understand it? How do we make sense of the many voices (sometimes competing and contradictory) contained in it? Have we begun to idolize the Bible as a book of answers? What really is God's purpose for His book?

If you have the time I strongly suggest you read the article for yourself:
The Bible is Dead; Long Live the Bible

I hope to write more thoughts on this topic soon.

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