Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sing of your deliverance!

Here are ways for you to take ownership of your brothers and sisters:

  • Donate to VCDF's Annual Christmas Party in Thailand! One of my good friends works at this shelter and I get to hear all the time about the amazing things happening there. Information about the shelter is in the first link and there is a button to donate at the bottom of the second link

  • Donate or volunteer your time at the Hungry for God Home. This home houses young men, most of whom have been "aged out" of foster care. This means basically they are too old for the system. Of the 26,000 young people who are aged out every year, many end up homeless or incarcerated. Hungry for God Home seeks to take these young men in, encourage them, support them and help them lead fulfilling lives. This home has fallen on some hard times...consider giving either time or money this Advent Season

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